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Screenshot Tour of   Easy Web Page Watcher
The Main Screen - In this screenshot, the company named VENTUS NETWORKS appeared on the http://biz.yahoo.com/bw web page in a press release.  You see all the action as it happens in the Watch Results and Internet Explorer browser window.  The entire main screen can be resized to take up as much or as little space on your desktop as desired.
The "Watch Mode" button allows you to select watch for text mode or watch for update mode.
The audible alert button (bell) allows you to enable/disable audible alerts.  The audible alert sound used by Easy Web Page Watcher is the Windows default sound which can be changed to a different sound from your Windows control panel.
The "Preview and Log in" button (not shown) allows viewing and entry into password protected web pages.  A right mouse click in the browser window allows for standard browser control functions like back, forward, identify URL (properties) etc.
Web Page Entry Dialog Box - Here you edit the web page entry by adding words, phrases or other text for Easy Web Page Watcher to check.
Email Setup Dialog Box - Enter the required information.  Your outoging SMTP email server is typically outgoing.MyProvider.net or mail.MyProvider.net.  Enter your username, where your username is the username you use to log into your email account provided by your internet service provider, and not your email alias.
Email Alert - The subject and body of each Easy Web Page Watcher email alert identifies the word, phrase, or text (ie: INET TECHNOLOGIES) just found.  Additionally they contain the line of html text containing the word, phrase, or text as well as the web page where it appeared.
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