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What is Easy Web Page Watcher?
Easy Web Page Watcher is Windows software that continuously watches the web pages that you specify for updates, any words, phrases or text that you specify.  If a change occurs, or the word, phrase, or text suddenly appears, Easy Web Page Watcher will notify you by email and with an audible alarm.  Easy Web Page Watcher monitors your website's availability by logging and time stamping all unsuccessful downloads.
  • Easy to use
  • Automatically checks your favorite websites for the latest announcements
  • Frees you from constantly checking websites, runs quietly in the background
  • Notifies you by email at work or anywhere else
  • Informative watch results include the updated text and the web page
  • Logs and time stamps all unsuccessful web page downloads
  • Stand alone operation, has it's own web browser window
PC Magazine Logo Recommended by PC Magazine (Oct. 15, 2002 issue, Browsers and Add-Ons) as a good and easy to use tool when you need to monitor websites for certain terms.

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How Does Easy Web Page Watcher Work?
Easy Web Page Watcher watches web pages for your information by continuously downloading and inspecting each web page you specify for the text you specify.  A web page is an HTML file containing HTML text, therefore Easy Web Page Watcher is really downloading and reading an HTML file looking for your text.  When it finds your text in the HTML file, it extracts the entire HTML line containing your text as well as any HTML tags and returns it for your inspection.  Easy Web Page Watcher can also be set up to notify you when any changes or updates occur on the web pages you specify.  It does this by continuously downloading and comparing the HTML file with the initial HTML file recorded at the start of the watch session.  If the HTML file changes, Easy Web Page Watcher notifies you.  A basic understanding of HTML is not necessary, but it can help you use Easy Web Page Watcher in even more ways since Easy Web Page Watcher allows you to enter HTML tags in your search text.  Basic HTML Tutorial
What Can I Use Easy Web Page Watcher For?
Stock Market
Easy Web Page Watcher can be used for monitoring financial news sites or tracking investment information.  Easy Web Page Watcher is a powerful tool if you need to know immediately when a good or bad press release occurs for a list of stocks that you are interested in buying or selling, allowing you to make the best profit.  Easy Web Page Watcher saves you time and energy by automatically monitoring financial news sites for corporate press releases.  Easy Web Page Watcher can be used to watch stock prices when the stock quote is given as HTML text.
Monitor Your Own Website or Blog
Watch your own web pages or Blog for visitors or user entered data.  If your website has an html log file or any of your web pages are updated by forms submitted by a visitor, you can also watch these web pages for updates.
Watch your own web pages for availability.  If it ever becomes unavailable, Easy Web Page Watcher will report this in it's Errors window.  You also get a running count of download attempts and download errors.
Sales and Marketing
Watch Yahoo's business and newswire websites ( http://biz.yahoo.com/bw ) for new customer and sales prospects, by watching for keywords such as "contract awarded".
You can use Easy Web Page Watcher to watch antique or other dealer's web pages for items to go on sale.  You will know first when a web page displays new items for sale that you have been waiting for.
eBay Auctions/Craigslist
Easy Web Page Watcher can be used to watch for good "Buy it Now" bargains at eBay. It can also be used to watch Craigslist web pages for the posting of sale items you have been waiting for.
These are just a few of the many uses for Easy Web Page Watcher.  More information on how to use Easy Web Page Watcher as described above can be seen by clicking on Some Sample Applications Showing How To Use Easy Web Page Watcher.
Easy Web Page Watcher bullet To find out more about Easy Web Page Watcher, I invite you to download a copy.

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